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Georgia Assessment Recovery, LLC

A Different Assessment Collection Approach for

Community Associations



We understand community associations.  Association Boards of Directors have a duty to manage and operate community associations as effective businesses.  Being successful in that duty requires Boards to establish appropriate budgets and to levy assessments against the association membership to fund the association's common expenses.  


Homeowner delinquencies usually are the greatest challenge for Boards of Directors.  Boards rely on timely assessment payments to run their communities, and Boards understand that pursuing collections against delinquent association members is essential.  But, for many association member accounts, hiring attorneys is costly and not economical.


Georgia Assessment Recovery, LLC can help!  We offer contingency solutions with our attractive 90-day gauranty.  Let us help your community today.

What We Offer




Collection of Community Association Assessments

No Attorneys or Attorneys' Fees!

No Upfront Fees or Costs!

In-House Skip Tracing

Payments Accepted by major credit cards, check, money order or ACH

Status Reports for information on collection activities and matter status

Account Management through property management companies or Boards of Directors

Results in 90 Days Guaranty!



Your Community Association Deserves Effective Assessment Collections 

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