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Lien Filing

Lien Filing Services

A Cost-Effective Solution



Not ready to begin costly legal collections against your delinquent owners, but still want to protect your community association by filing a lien?  Don’t let the cost of legal services delay this important step and expose your association to the risk of losing assessments. 


Let GAR assist with having liens filed against your delinquent owners.​ 

Our unique lien filing service offers these great benefits:


  • One fixed flat fee provides you the complete service, including filing and cancellation fees.  No other costs.


  • GAR confirms property ownership and coordinates the lien filing through its affiliated attorneys, handling the entire process for your association.


  • GAR sends the delinquent owner a notice of the lien filing, prompting payment from many owners.


  • GAR coordinates the lien cancellation when paid by your delinquent owner.


  • Skilled collectors are available to take payments from your delinquent owners by popular payment methods, including major credit cards, check or money order.


Lien Filing Solutions


Community Associations


We handle and coordinate all elements of the lien filing through GAR’s affiliated attorneys.  We work directly with your property manager throughout the process.  GAR coordinates confirmation of the correct property owners, filing of the lien, payment of lien filing fees, and cancellation of the lien when paid by your delinquent owner.  With each lien filed, GAR sends the delinquent owner notice of the lien filing. 


How it Works


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