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90 Days Guaranty!"


No Lawyers. No Upfront Costs or Fees. Full Contingency Collections.

We do not file expensive lawsuits or provide legal services.  Instead, our team of skilled collectors and collection managers assist your community collect unpaid assessments through effective and timely collection communications by mail, phone and email.  We charge your association no costs for postage, copies or other expenses, and we earn our fee on a contingency percentage basis.   


Our knowledgeable, experienced and respectful team understands how to get your community association members to pay quickly. Let Georgia Assessment Recovery, LLC bring you these services and benefits:


  • No out-of pocket costs.

  • Payments accepted by major credit cards, check, money order or ACH.

  • Online reporting for 24/7 information on collection activities and status.

  • Account management through property management companies.

  • Results in 90 Days Guaranty!


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