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Affordable, effective collection alternatives for community associations. Avoid attorneys and high legal fees, and let us collect your community assessments with our exclusive collection agency approach.  No-fee options available.




Georgia Assessment Recovery, LLC brings effective collection agency services to Georgia & Tennessee community associations. No lawyers.  




Using highly skilled phone collectors and collection managers, trained specifically for community association collections, we provide unique and very effective collection agency services. Ask about our "Results in 90 Days Guaranty."




For more information about how Georgia Assessment Recovery, LLC can help your community, contact us today at

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Affordable Lien Filing Solutions For Community Associations



Not ready to begin costly legal collections against your delinquent owners, but still want to protect your community association by filing a lien? Let Georgia Assessment Recovery, LLC coordinate lien filings against your delinquent owners.



"Georgia Assessment Recovery brought us exactly the solution we needed for our community dues collections, without lawyers or high legal fees. Their Results Guaranty was the right choice for us."


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